bet365体育国际有限责任公司(bet365体育, "we" or "our") is committed to protecting any personal information that we maintain about you. 与我们的 隐私原则, we want you to understand what kinds of information we may collect from you, 如何使用这些信息, 我们采取的保护措施, choices you have regarding our use and disclosure of personal information about you, 以及其他bet365体育隐私保护措施的信息. 本隐私政策(本“政策”)适用于我们网站在线收集的信息, webpages and mobile applications that link to or otherwise adopt this Policy.
This privacy policy is divided into sections for the convenience of the reader. If you would like to jump to a particular section, follow the links below:

What types of information are collected through this site or mobile application?


我们可能会收集个人信息, 比如你的名字, address, 电话号码, 电子邮件地址, 信用卡号, Social Security numbers or other identifiers that you may provide in the course of completing a form or transaction on our site or mobile application. Portions of our site may collect additional information from individuals using those features such as accepting resumes from job applicants or collecting application of financial aid information from students and applicants.

We may collect information about the browser and/or device that you are using to access our website or mobile application (such as the type of browser or device you are using, 浏览器设置, 以及设备识别号). 设备信息可能是个人可识别的,也可能不是,这取决于它是否与用户的身份相关联.

我们可能会自动记录信息, 例如用户的IP地址, 域名, 浏览器类型, 访问的日期和时间, 和其他日志文件数据. 这些信息可用于分析趋势或管理我们的网站和移动应用程序. We may collect statistical or non-personally-identifiable information about our users, 例如访问哪些页面, 访问者在特定页面上停留多久, 用户访问我们网站的网站, 或者类似的信息. 我们还可能收集汇总信息,例如访问我们网站的独立访客或回访访客总数, 使用我们的应用程序, 或者在给定的时间内访问一个特定的页面. 我们可能会使用这些信息来衡量我们网站和应用程序的使用情况,并改进我们的内容. 我们可能会使用谷歌分析, 提供分析工具或类似第三方服务的第三方提供商,用于分析访问我们网站的信息. For information about opting out of Google Analytics please visit: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.


是的, we may utilize "cookies," web beacons and other similar technologies on our website. 我们可能会使用第一方和/或第三方“浏览器”或“HTTP”cookie, 哪些是可用于数据分析的唯一文本文件, 并使我们的网站能够为访问者定制信息. We may use browser cookies for purposes such as to personalize the user's experience on our site, to remember a user when the user registers for products or 服务s, 防止欺诈, 或者追踪我们网站的访问量. 我们也可以使用“网络信标”(也称为像素标签), 清除gif或其他术语)或类似的技术来收集信息,例如访问者在特定页面上停留的时间. If you do not want us to deploy browser cookies to your device when you visit our websites, 您可以将浏览器设置为拒绝cookie或在网站试图在浏览器程序中放置cookie时通知用户(见下文)。. Rejecting cookies may affect your ability to use some of features offered by the website. If you use our website without setting your browser to block cookies, 您同意在您的设备上放置cookie.

第三方, including our 服务 providers or marketing partners may collect information about a visitor to our site over time and/or across different websites when the visitor uses our website. This information often is aggregate data or individual information that is tied to a browser or device rather than specific identifiers such as the visitor's name and address, 但根据某些联邦或州法律,其中一些信息可能被视为个人身份信息.

What choices do I have about online tracking and the placement of cookies on my device?

Some Internet browsers have begun to offer what often is referred to as "do not track" mechanisms for browser users to automatically signal privacy preferences to websites that they visit. Internet browsers have only begun to include these features relatively recently and there is not yet a consensus about what steps a website should take when it receives a do-not-track signal from a site visitor's browser or what information collection or use restrictions should be applied when a do-not-track signal is received. As a result, our site(s) do not currently respond to do-not-track-signals. We are continuing to monitor do not track developments and may revisit the issue in the future. 与此同时, 你可以练习其他的选择, including limiting the placement of browser cookies on your device using your browser's cookie control features and other choices described in this Policy.

Internet Explorer
Safari移动 (iphone和ipad)

Information and opt-out choices for ads placed by Google are available at: www.谷歌.com/settings/ads.



  • To respond to requests for information or to facilitate transactions or communications that users of our sites or users of our mobile applications request;
  • 处理准学生的要求和申请;
  • To process registration, financial aid, academic and other interactions with our students;
  • 促进为学生和校友提供教育经验和就业服务;
  • 改善和管理我们的网站和流动应用程序;
  • To carry out our educational mission and facilitate the education of our students;
  • 更好地了解我们的网站和移动应用程序用户的需求,并创建与用户相关的内容;
  • 作市场推广及市场研究用途;
  • 生成统计数据和去识别数据;
  • 为用户提供个性化的内容;
  • 通知用户我们的网站或移动应用程序的任何可能影响用户的变化;
  • To enforce the terms of use for our website or mobile application;
  • 用于历史、统计或商业规划目的;
  • To prevent fraud and investigate potential 不当行为; or
  • 遵守法律和法律程序.


What types of choices do I have about your collection and use of personal information about me?


In cases where you are requested to affirmatively provide information, 比如填写表格, 或者一个应用程序, 或者在我们的网站上进行调查, 你可以拒绝这样做. 请理解, 然而, that in some cases certain information is required to complete an application, 表格或调查, and if you decline to provide the information requested you may not be able to submit the application or request or to use certain functionalities of our websites or mobile applications.

If you would like restrict our placement of cookies on your device, please see the FAQ "What Choices Do I Have About the Placement of Cookies on My Device?“上面.

如果您希望我们不再通过电话联系您在我们学校潜在的教育机会, 请电邮至 (电子邮件保护).

If you would prefer not to receive e-mail marketing messages from us, 请使用电子邮件中包含的选择退出说明来选择退出其他通信.

You may be given additional choices in the context of particular preferences tools or functions that we make available through our website or mobile applications.


是的. If the information that you provide through our website is included in an educational record then we provide access to that information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 是适用的.

In the case of personal information that is not part of a student's educational records, 这是我们的政策, 当然也有例外, 为个人提供访问保存在bet365体育档案中的个人信息的权限. 在某些情况下, 本网站可能允许您登录直接访问和/或更正您提供的信息. 在其他情况下, 例如您可以通过网站提交的web表单, if you would like to obtain a copy of the information you provided you can contact us at (电子邮件保护). When you update information, we may keep a copy of the prior version for our records.


  • 在有关个案中,提供查阅资料的负担或费用与对个人私隐的风险不成比例;
  • Where the rights of persons other than the individual would be violated; or
  • With respect to individual requests for the correction or deletion of information, in cases where we are otherwise legally required to retain the personal information.

在我们从档案中提供个人信息之前,我们要求个人提供他或她身份的合理验证. To request access to or correction of information please send an email to (电子邮件保护).

You may request that we delete information that you post on our websites, 在线服务, 以及网站其他用户可以访问的应用程序, 服务或应用程序,如注释, 社交媒体帖子, 或者博客条目, 通过使用网站提供的功能(如果有的话), 服务, or application that you used to post the information or by sending an email to (电子邮件保护) 指定您要求我们删除的信息,以及有关您发布该信息的位置的充分信息,以便我们找到该信息. 请注意,删除请求可能不会导致从我们的网站上完全或全面地删除内容, 服务, or application to the extent we are permitted or required by law to retain that information. 例如, information may not be removed if we need to maintain the information for legal compliance purposes or if you fail to follow the instructions above, such as by failing to provide sufficient information for us to process your request. 类似的, 如果您发布的信息已被存储, 由第三方转载或转发的, or you were compensated or consideration for providing the content, 该信息不得被删除.

How may personal information collected through this website or mobile application be disclosed?


我们可能会向代理商披露通过我们的网站或移动应用程序收集的信息, 附属企业, 以及代表我们提供服务的服务提供商.

在适用的情况下,我们可能会向美国政府披露信息.S. Department of Education; 状态 or provincial education agencies, 致其他监管机构, 或者我们的认证机构.

In the event that our company or some of our assets are sold or transferred or used as security or to the extent we engage in business negotiations with our business partners, 在我们的网站或移动应用程序上收集的信息, 包括这个网站, may be transferred or shared with third parties as part of that transaction or negotiation.

如果我们收到执法官员或司法当局要求提供个人信息的请求, 我们可能会提供这些信息. 在涉及个人或公共安全的索赔或在与数据有关的诉讼中, we may use or disclose your personal information without a court order.

We may use information you submit to investigate security breaches, 不当行为, or otherwise cooperate with authorities pursuant to a legal matter.

Do you take steps to safeguard information I provide through the site or mobile application?

We recognize that you may be concerned about the security of your personal information and we are committed to employing reasonable technology in order to protect the security of our website. 即使有了这样的技术,也没有一个网站是100%安全的. 我们采取我们认为适当的合理措施来保护您的信息不受损失, 滥用, 改变或破坏. 我们将要求我们可能向其传输您的信息的任何代理商和服务提供商采取类似的措施来保护该安全.

如果您使用本网站或移动应用程序, 您有责任为可能提供给您的任何用户ID和密码或其他访问凭证保密. 如果我们可能发给您的任何用户ID和密码或其他访问凭据遭到泄露,您应立即通知我们.


We may offer you opportunities to request that we send content from our websites or otherwise reach out to friends or family members that you believe may be interested in learning more about our programs. 如果你选择做这样的推荐, 这是自愿的, 我们可能会要求您提供您的姓名和联系信息,以及您所提及的个人的联系信息, 比如他们的名字, 电子邮件地址和/或电话号码. When we contact your friend, we may identify you as the party that made the referral. This feature is only to be used to refer individuals with whom you have an existing relationship that you think would be interested in being contacted by us by phone or by email.

Does your site contain links to other websites or social media platforms?

是的, 我们的网站可能包含指向其他网站的链接,或有助于您向社交媒体平台发布内容的链接. This Policy only applies to those of our websites that link to this Policy. Please be aware that sites we link to may collect information about you and operate according to their own privacy practices which may differ from this Policy. 类似的, 如果你在社交媒体平台上发布内容, 比如Facebook或Twitter, 无论您是手动还是使用我们网站上提供的小部件, please remember that your social media postings will be made available in accordance with the social media site where you are posting the information and that you may be limited in your ability to control information once you have made it available to third parties by posting it. 请记住查阅您可能访问的任何网站的隐私政策,了解其隐私做法.

If I followed a link to your site from another website, whose privacy policy controls?

您正在访问的网站上发布的隐私政策, 如果有任何, would apply to any information collection that occurred on that site. 我们的隐私政策适用于您在我们网站上的活动.


本网站主要为来自美国的用户设计. 通过使用本网站, users from other countries consent to the transfer of any personal or other information collected to the United States and housed on servers in the United States and your information will be subject to use and disclosure in accordance with this Policy and applicable United States federal, 状态, 以及当地法律.

How do you comply with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA")?

COPPA regulates the collection of personal information online from children under the age of 13. 本网站的目的或设计不是为了吸引13岁以下的用户或收集这些用户的个人信息. We do not collect personally identifiable data from any person we know to be under the age of 13 and those under 13 should not submit any personal information through this site. If we learn that we have inadvertently collected personal information from a child under the age of 13 we will remove the information from our files.


If we make any material changes to this privacy policy we will change the "last updated" date so that you can quickly determine whether there were material changes since the last time you reviewed the policy.


If you have questions concerning our privacy practices, contact us at:


电子邮件: (电子邮件保护)